Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Mom's little green thumb ...

As a child, I learned from Mom how things grow. At 84 years of age, she’s still an avid gardener indoors and out. Behind her apartment complex, she grows flowers, veggies and fruits in a 12 x 12 plot, tending it with loving care. In the photo above, you'll see one of her indoor projects -- a cheery little window box with a bright amaryllis in bloom and a small tomato plant thriving beside it. You can see Mom's hand holding the stalk of the amaryllis.

The American flags in her planter tell a story, too. Mom remembers the devastation of World War II and she is grateful for the freedom we still have here in America. To Mom, much of her freedom is wrapped up in having a place of her own and a garden to grow.

As a young child, I enjoyed helping Mom in her garden. There's a story about me pulling up plants instead of weeds, but I sure did have fun and thought I was doing it right. I suppose I thought having a green thumb meant pulling anything green! Squatting in the flower bed with a big grin, you can tell I enjoyed being with Mom outdoors.

If you've got a big garden, a simple plot of wildflowers or just a couple pepper plants, share your love of the outdoors with your children. Give them a spot to dig in the dirt and plant a few flower seeds. They will know the joy of watching tiny sprouts turn into sturdy blades and later, beautiful flowers. The gift of gardening was bestowed upon us in the beginning of time with Adam and Eve. Let's keep it going.


  1. My parents were of the WW2 generation as well...I guess we started our family a lot later than son is a teen...I see you taught Language Arts as well...I both wrote and taught before my son was I teach him at home, and blog :-). We obviously have much in common! Your Mom's flowers are beautiful, btw. My mom loved amaryllis. Love to you, my friend ~Janine

    Love the photo!!!! Such joy!!!! You make me smile!

  2. Nan, Thank you for visiting, and for sharing your own beautiful story...I don't think the empty feeling ever goes away...My dad died 15 years ago which is why I had the privilege of caring for Mom...and so knowing how I feel, it doesn't surprise me that you still miss your dad...We rejoice for them, and grieve for ourselves...but like you say, they have simply graduated...and I am especially grateful for that...and now for your wonderful friendship! You are a treasure! And I plan to keep you for a long, long time :-) Blessings to you and yours ~Janine XO


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