Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My tummy tale ...

There are certain things to be said for a soft tummy. Oh, I've tried doing exercises (so many times) to harden my core muscles, but I invariably get in trouble with other muscles when I do -- the ones in my upper back and neck, my lower back and hip -- all due to injuries sustained in a bad wreck. So I don't have an exactly-tight tummy.

I've met other grandmothers that want to appear much younger when the word "Grandma" is suddenly attached to them. They have an overwhelming desire to be buff and toned and color their hair or get a general overhaul. Maybe they are afraid to "look like" a grandma?

Don't get me wrong -- there's nothing bad about looking our best. When it comes to a tight tummy, however, I've had to surrender on more than one occasion. It all boils down to whether or not I choose a flat tummy or a pain-free rest-of-me.

So the remnants of my child-bearing days (and occasional cups of ice cream!) linger.
In other words, I have a curvy profile in a few places I'd rather not. But, hey! Right now a soft mid-section doesn't seem quite so important. There's a precious little bundle named Ethan snoozing peacefully on my tummy. He cradles into Nana's soft-spot and sighs a contented sigh... and so do I. We make a pretty good team, if I must say so myself.

In looking back, I've truly enjoyed being a Mom for 29 years, and I'm thankful for that privilege. Right now, I'm loving my new role as Nana. When Ethan stirs, stretches, and settles back down with a sleepy little grin, I smile.

I don't mind being a grandmother at all -- in spite of a few wrinkles, silver hairs and my not-so-flat tummy. Maybe if he sleeps there long enough and often enough, my tummy will start to sink in a bit and look a little flatter.


  1. A lovely cosy tale...not having the pleasure of nursing grandbabies I love reading the experiences of others. I am envious of your position but can probably outdo you in the tummy stakes.

  2. You know what, Nana, your last sentence is the truest:) Dr Kegel knew a few things about that sort of things, and they work for Nanas as much as they work for Mommas. So you just keep napping!

  3. So very precious. Ethan looks like he is perfectly content to stay snuggled in your arms all day long.


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