Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sweet surprise

I was out back yesterday, busily sweeping the dust-bunnies off the sun porch when our dog Buddy perked his ears. I didn't hear anything and kept sweeping. Moments later, Buddy trotted toward the front driveway, all ears.

He's not a barker, so I assumed things were fine ... but just to be sure, I walked around front and nearly ran into the florist. Her hands were occupied with a beautiful bouquet -- for me!

"Hi, I was hoping you were home... this is too pretty to miss." And it was (and is). The lilies are perfuming my dining table as I write.

The bouquet was from Jason, his wife, and little "Beanie." (That's what they're calling the little one until they know it's gender. But Beanie?!)

"Yeah, we realized the first time the doctor did an ultrasound, it was about the size of a bean. And we didn't want to call the baby "IT" all the time. So until we know, it's "Beanie." (I hear they are hoping to find out next week on their next doctor visit. Good thing, too ... I can't picture a sweet grandbaby named Beanie!)

Back to my bouquet. It had a card with a typical-Jason message that made me smile: "From your favorite son!" I love that boy. He's fun-loving, thoughtful and knows his Momma enjoys sweet surprises.

When I called to thank him, we got to talking about his childhood days and various incidents. I told him how much I enjoyed being his Mom 'way back then and how I still love being his Mom. Before hanging up, he signed off , "Love ya, Mom. Glad you liked the flowers."

I've been taken to lunch by our younger son, received a sweet call and lovely card from our daughter (with photos of grandson Ethan tucked inside!) -- and a beautiful bouquet and phone call from our older son. Last Wednesday, my darlin' hubby took me out to dinner and this morning handed me two cards -- a sentimental one and a funny one.

Mother's Day can't get any better than that!


  1. Nope! You've made a real celebration of it! And judging by your wonderful stories, it is so well-deserved!!!! Happy Mother's Day!!! ~Janine XO

  2. Awww Nan, I feel so emotional now. Thanks for sharing your day.... Valerie.

    PS. I joined!

  3. Awe, good for you. I am glad you had a blessed Mother's Day. That is a very beautiful bouquet. I can almost smell it thru my screen.

  4. Thanks, gals ... hope you've all had wonderful times with your families, too! Being a mother is one of the highest callings in life, and I'm so thankful to be included in that number.


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