Sunday, June 28, 2009

Meet the Parents ...

Meet our son Jason and his lovely wife Kerry! Three months from now, they are due to have their first baby - a boy - and our second grandson. I can't wait to meet him!

When I look at this photo, I can't help but notice several things about our son and daughter-in-law. Their love for one another is obvious and shines in their eyes. In every photo we have, they are close together, touching, hugging, happy sweethearts. Their fourth anniversary is coming up in August.

Next, I notice their smiles, which are in place far more often than any other expressions they wear. They enjoy life, being with friends, quality family time, and group activities. Growing up, Jason always had a team mentality and liked pulling people together to interact. He was the boy in the neighborhood that called up all his buddies and had them meet here for touch football, softball, basketball, etc. He still knows how to get people involved! Every time they come to visit, we play games and have a great 'round-the-table family fun night. Kerry introduced us to the Apples-to-Apples card game. if you haven't tried that one, you must!

I also notice their eyes in this photo. Jason's are a light brown while Kerry's are a hazel-green. I'm anxious to see what color our eyes our new grandson has! He's sure to be a handsome fellow no matter what color they are, don't you agree? (Okay, I'm a bit biased.)

When I look to the future, I also think about what kind of parents they will be. If our new grandson takes on their personalities, he will be an outgoing, loves-life, the more-the-merrier kind. He will be upbeat, optimistic, hard-working and energetic. Oh my -- with both their personalities and energies combined, they may have a time keeping up with him. He's already keeping Kerry awake at night with his inutero calisthenics, bless her. :-)

I am so thankful our son will know the joys of parenting. He'll be a devoted family man, a protector of wife and children, a fun-loving, let's-play-catch type of Dad but a disciplinarian when the need arises -- a perfect mix of former Marine Sergeant and always-devoted Dad. Kerry will be a good little Mommy with lots of love to offer and plenty of creative parenting. They will make a great parenting duo and will be the best parents for this boy... because God planned it just that way.

I'm guessing my new grandson will grow up to be a respectful, cheerful, hard-working boy that is willing to look on the positive side of life. He'll be a fine young fellow because his parents are fine people. I'm so very anxious to meet him!


  1. Oh Nan...what a loving post about your daughter and son-in-law. I can't wait to see photos of your new grandson...I'm sure there will be many.
    God's blessings on their family...and yours.
    What do/will your grandchildren call you...?

  2. Nan, this is a beautiful post! The father-figure is SO important to all chilren - and especially sons. Sadly lacking in our society today. Well done on your beautiful son and daughter-in-law for being such model parents-to-be! I wait along with you... Blessings

  3. Dear Jo and Jackie -- thank you for following my blog and commenting on this particular post. You know I will be happy to share photos and brag a bit -- so be prepared!


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