Thursday, July 30, 2009

Doubly blessed ...

Melissa called to let Ethan "talk" with his Nana the other day. She would say, "Can you talk to Nana?" and we would wait ... and wait.

Then I would say, "Hey, little guy ... Nana loves you..." More silence. A few moments later I heard a little chortle and sigh, then he began goo-ing.

For some reason, he loves diaper time ... it's a chance to get Mom's full attention, and when she leans over the changing table, she's so close he can almost touch her face!

When I was in their home, I loved watching this interaction. Melissa would say something to Ethan and then pause and wait a moment. Then she'd say something else and ask, "So what do you think about that?" Again, she would wait for him to make an attempt to "talk."

He would wriggle and arch his back, straining to get closer to his Mommy. Those eyes were "talking" even if his little mouth couldn't form the words. Melissa told me she'd read that most of us hold one-sided conversations with babies and don't ever pause to show them it's their turn to respond ... so she tries to do that.

Back to her phone call. As Melissa prompted and then paused, I could imagine his eyes dancing with joy at her loving attention. Then, a sudden sigh with a "gooooooo" tucked on the end. Then another... and soon, an "Ah goooooo..." which I interpreted to mean "I'm good." Just four months old, and he already knows how to charm us all.

Not that this Nana and Papaw need any excuses ... we are two sappy people when it comes to the adventure of grandparenting. It's such a blessing and joy to our hearts, and we thank the Lord for Ethan. He is one of those good gifts God has bestowed upon us.

Speaking of the Lord's good gifts, our son called home yesterday and told us the doctor said our daughter in law is nearing her 32nd week of pregnancy. She's doing well, and their baby (a boy) is growing just fine.

How can two people be so very blessed? God has given us two grandsons whose birthdays will be within six months of each other! I think they'll be great buddies when we gather for family reunions in the years ahead. We are indeed rich as grandparents. I can't wait to introduce you to our next little fella!


  1. Nan.....How happy I am to know that you heard the loving cooing and oooooing of Ethan. I felt the love all inside of me as I have a grandson that I "talk" with on the phone. Those moments of silence don't bother me one bit....I know an ooooo is coming.....and I know 'zackly what it means!!! How sweet of Melissa to call you and for you and Ethan to be able to talk!!! Blessings and prayers to your daughter in law on her upcoming delivery. Thank you for a lovely post....from one Nana to another.

  2. This post really touched my heart, Nan. Melissa is wise to give Ethan time.

  3. Nan....I wanted to come back and read your post again about sweet Ethan.....My heart smiled all over again!!!
    Hugs and smiles,

  4. What a beautiful little boy and a beautiful post. Ethan is blessed to have such loving parents and grandparents.

  5. Thank you all! I come back often just to look at this photo, because the expression on his face is priceless. It's been such a blessing to observe our daughter as a Mommy. She's doing a great job.

  6. Nan....I just went to my grandchildren's to get some grandshugar...couldn't stand it one more instant...and I came back here to look at your precious one's eyes. I can't wait until he says "Nana"...You WILL let us know....right??

  7. You can count on it, Jackie. :-) So glad you got to get some grandshugar today.


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