Saturday, October 10, 2009

I'm not biased, I'm just a Nana!

Is this a precious photo or what? Jason Cody, just five days old today, is modeling his puppy-dog beanie.
(Not, as our son informed me, a bunny beanie!)

Oh, how fun this grand-parenting experience has been. Moments ago, I received an email request to bring some baby onesies and outfits in various sizes.

Not just any, mind you, but some that bear a special logo -- University of Alabama and/or their motto, Roll Tide!

That's my son - still loyal to the home team! I think he plans to indoctrinate his son into this BAMA tradition. That way, he'll have a good buddy to help root for the Tide when they play on TV. I like that idea, myself.

Unless I'm sorely mistaken, my son and *his* son are probably cuddled up together in the cozy man-cave this very moment -- cheering on favorite NFL players and college teams, too. How I'd like to peek in on that happy little scene!

I suspect, though, that one of them would be excited and making a running commentary on passes, plays, fumbles and tackles. The other, however, might just be modeling his beanie with his eyes closed. Sleep on, little one... you should have plenty of time later to learn all about football.

We'll see you in about 12 days, Lord willing!


  1. He's ABSOLUTELY beautiful. No bias at all, Nana.
    I hope the 'men' enjoy their man cave....and you continue to enjoy every moment of being a Nana.
    Congratulations, again......
    A blessing from God!

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  3. Hi, Nan!!! Congratulations!!! How could anyone help but love that beautiful baby!!! Love to you~Janine XO


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