Monday, October 26, 2009

Nan in Virginia!

Here I am holding my new little grandson, Jason Cody. He is three weeks old today! After waiting so long to meet him, having him in my arms is a wonderful feeling!

He has the cutest lil' frown between his brows in this photo and a few other photos I've taken, too. Maybe he's carefully considering everything about his new "outside" world and will soon make a decision ... on whether this one or the other (inside) is best.

What a joy to be here and help out. Today we spent some time rocking and reading and singing and sleeping. I'll say this -- he's one very alert little man who studies things carefully. He can also melt your heart. So far, he's given his Papaw and me some precious little smiles. What a thrill! I felt sorry for Phillip when he had to say goodbye and go back to Alabama yesterday. He had to report to work today, but he's called me twice to check on us. I think he's missing his little buddy.

I'm on a laptop that belongs to my daughter-in-law and can't figure out how to insert additional photos in different spots of this blog, so I'll add more later!


  1. I couldn't WAIT to see you with Jason Cody in your arms...but I bet you couldn't WAIT either!!!
    How beautiful he is (don't tell him that I said he's beautiful...boys think they're handsome....I think he's beautiful!!)
    You look radiant. I wonder why?
    I'm glad you had a safe trip to see your family...and I look forward to more stories and/or photos of family time!!!
    Much love,

  2. Ooo Nan, you both look gorgeous. Jason Cody is very alert too, I reckon he was sussing out the camera and wondering when he could get his hands on it. Lovely photograph, can't wait to see more.


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