Thursday, November 5, 2009

Pumpkins or Punkin's?

Which is the correct pronunciation -- pumpkin or punkin? I suppose it all depends on what you're talking about -- and perhaps, where you're from. To me, pumpkin is the proper pronunciation for a perfectly plump growth on the end of a harvest vine... such as those shown in the photo above.

Punkin' -- on the other hand -- is a beloved nickname for my newest little grandson, Jason Cody. I suppose it started because there were pumpkin decorations around the home when I got there -- the pretty pumpkins on their front stoop (above), ceramic pumpkins on the kitchen table and a bronze-type wire pumpkin shape adorning the floor near the staircase.

I don't know why, it slipped out, but when I took Jason Cody from his Daddy's arms that first time, I cooed, "How's my sweet lil' Punkin' doing?" And he didn't mind a bit. Without giving it much thought, over the period of a week, the nickname slipped from my tongue several more times. Do you suppose that's why they sent me the photo below?

Just a few days later, I got an email from our daughter with lots of new photos for us to drool over. There he was -- our seven month old Ethan posing and playing with a pumpkin in sunny Florida!

So I ask you, is it pumpkin or punkin? :-)


  1. What's in a name? Why, said the rabbit, a name is full of love, that's what's in it.
    Does that answer your question, Nan?

    Jason Cody looks so sweet in his hat although he doesn't look too enamoured by his get-up, and I cannot believe how Ethan has grown. He's a lovely looking little boy.

  2. Cute pics! We use pumpkin and punkin' in the same manner as you. :-)


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