Saturday, September 18, 2010

Waking up to new faces ...

Imagine how it must be for the very young child who wakes up to new faces ... what a traumatic experience. This can occur when overnight care has to be arranged during emergencies or while the child is asleep.

As usual, they may stand up in the crib or sit in the bed and call out for the parent, especially if they are afraid or disoriented. When babies cry for nourishment or comfort, they expect (and anticipate) the moment the parent comes into the room. Held and cuddled, they are comforted, fed and secure in knowing they are safe and loved.

Now think of their confusion and fear when a new face appears! Who is this stranger in their room? More importantly, where are Mommy and Daddy? This can be especially frightening in the middle of the night when the child isn't fully awake. Panic may then ensue and the child can be hard to comfort.

A loving parent has no desire to leave a child like this, but once in awhile, it may be necessary. When that happens, they'll go to great lengths to find someone the child already knows, like a trusted relative or friend. On those rare occasions when someone unfamiliar must be called in, the parents fret and worry how it will affect their little one.

Aren't you glad our Heavenly Father doesn't have to find sitters or substitutes to care for His children? He is always available to watch over us, and He is never called away. Neither does He deal with unexpected events nor emergencies. As Sovereign Lord, He knows what is going to happen and is fully capable to handle every situation.

For some reason, when we adults are troubled, darkness has a way of shadowing our peace and stealing our sleep. Perhaps results from a recent medical test are pending, and we fear the prognosis. Maybe our savings have been depleted due to unemployment or hospitalization, and we wonder how we'll manage in the months ahead. Or it could be the heartache we feel for a child or grandchild who has gone astray ...

In the dead of night, we feel hungry for comfort and safety, and our hearts cry out for help! What a blessing when our Lord is always the One who will hear and answers our call! It is the Lord who soothes and calms us when we our sleep is disturbed. We relax again, knowing our Father is as close as a prayer, and His ears are open to our cry.

The next morning, our circumstances may not have changed a bit, but we have a loving Father Who holds our hand and walks with us. The more we get to know our Lord, the more familiar He is to us.

Aren't you thankful, when we face those middle-of-the-night fears, that our Heavenly Father is always on call? He never takes time off or sends in a substitute. He is ever aware and always there. What a comfort!

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  1. Oh, thank you, Nan, for this wonderful post!!!! It was just the encouragement and reassurance I needed today!!! Love you so much!!! Janine XO


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