Thursday, February 3, 2011

When bad weather is a blessing ...

Our Heavenly Father is a perfect parent. Perhaps He does what He does at times just to get our attention? I wrote the following blog after listening to news about the bad weather and snowstorms across America...

When bad weather stops us in our tracks, perhaps God is giving us one more opportunity to "stop going about business as usual." It's when things come to a dead halt that we begin to see one another as fellow human beings who suffer the same inconvenience, discomfort and frustration. We then are able to work together, making sure there is water, food, warmth and shelter for everyone.

In other words, we momentarily forget our importance, our educational background, our skin color and our employment status. Side by side, Americans are working to shovel snow and push cars out of ditches. There is a feverish rush to rescue young children, the elderly, the disabled and then all the rest of mankind (and his animals, if possible).

It is the urgency of the situation that goads us on. No one is forcing our hand; we work together in order to survive. Then, and only then, are we reminded that none of us is better than the other; no one deserves anything more than the person next to them. We are all creatures in need of Divine intervention and rescue.

Days later, when the sun breaks through and the ice and snow begin to fade away, we go back to business as usual -- our jobs, our families, our homes and our hobbies. Back to our busy rush of daily life, we tend to forget what it was we learned out there in the trials of a snowstorm.

How good and gracious of God to slow us down with the weather on occasion! How good He is to remind us that it is not power or prestige that matters -- it is humility and serving others in His name. Only then are we in the right frame of mind to acknowledge this truth: The One Who created this earth and everything in it has the sovereign right to rule over it as He sees fit.

Photo credit: AP/Photo - Pat Wellenbach for the Huffington Post


  1. BRRRR! Great post Nan! You really made me stop and think about this! The bad weather canceled a trip I wanted to take this weekend, but I am going to thank God for his provisions!

    Stay warm! Your blog is absolutely beautiful!

    I LOVE how you worded your profile!

  2. Thank you, Kim - for stopping by and the comments, too.


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