Tuesday, March 27, 2012


I'd forgotten just how many times a three-year-old tends to ask the question "Why?"

We went to visit with our daughter and family this past weekend for Ethan's 3rd birthday party!  Since our last visit in November, he has grown and developed a much larger vocabulary.  Words like "disappeared" and "disappointed" pop up quite often. 

He also learned a few new words while we worked a puzzle about shapes.  The trapezoid shape was a favorite, and he thought it sounded funny when he said it.   Then I introduced the  word "parallelogram." It was the most difficult, but he nailed it before the evening was over. 

But it was that three-letter word why that ranked highest on the scale for usage, and that's okay.  Children at that age are learning the how and why of things, and their reasoning skills are kicking in.  Simple things, like why I was using mousse on my hair or using two hair appliances (curling brush, curling iron) prompted that why question.  I'm not sure my explanations really helped much, because another why often popped out -- for an explanation of my explanation!

Ethan is growing up, and part of growing up is learning.  That's why he wanted everything explained to him -- so he could wrap his sweet mind around it and understand the reasoning behind it.  Why did I like a different cereal than Papaw?  Why do I like the color blue?  Why can't  his Papaw and Nana stay longer?  

The need to figure life out is a tremendous urge in children.  They're working hard to fit what they're seeing and hearing with what they already know ... and how it all somehow blends together and ends up being okay in their little world.

 We adults also have a tendency to question why things happen the way they do.  Why we have to get up so early, why we can't lose that extra 10 pounds, why the kids or grand kids have to live so far away, why gas and grocery prices continue to rise!   On a deeper level, why do good people seem to suffer more than law-breakers, who seem to get by with murder?  Why do our leaders not listen to their constituents concerning the energy crisis, lack of jobs, fair taxes, and more?  Why, why, why?!?

Father, help me to run to you when I have my own why questions.   What I see and hear doesn't always fit with what I already know, and that bothers me.  And things don't always seem to end up being okay in my little world, and I fret.  Yet You have promised that things actually do end up being okay, because what happens is for my good and Your glory.  That means it really is good and right, so I don't have to know the why.

One day, I will look back and see things from Your viewpoint and then understand and know the why of it all.  Until then, help me to rest in what you have said in Your Word and not always ask for the reasons why.  You'll never deceive me or tempt me, because You only do what is good and right.

Oh ... and I know why!   It's because you love me so.

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