Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Four grandsons in a row ...

Early this morning, about 1:15, our fourth grandson made his appearance!  What a blessing to hear our daughter's voice and to know they are both doing fine.  Their sweet family of four is rejoicing tonight in God's goodness, and so are we. 

When she called, I could hear their four-year-old Ethan chattering in the background about balloons. (Turns out he and his Daddy had gone to pick up something special for little Caleb).  After months of hearing about their baby, talking and singing to him and feeling his little brother kick the hand he placed on Mommy's tummy, it all became real when Ethan set eyes on his little brother for the first time.  I'd love to have been there for that!

We are so blessed to have four grandsons. The first two were born six months apart and the second two were born just three months apart.  It was just a few weeks ago that grandson #3 made his appearance in Virgina.  Jason Cody (the big-brother) was a few days shy of his fourth birthday when he met John-Phillip for the first time.

Papa and I flew north for the baby's one-month birthday party and enjoyed family time with our son, his wife, and the two boys.  Oh my, --the precious snuggle time we had that weekend!   What a joy to hear the mewing sound of a sleeping baby with a full tummy!  We also got tickled watching Jason Cody touch his baby brother's cheek and declare, "I like his little beeper nose."
In the photo here, he's stacking plush bunny peeps on John-Phillip's head. 

Hopefully, we will get to make another trip in the near future -- this time driving south to meet our newest little grandson, Caleb.  I'm sure we'll get in some precious snuggles there too, along with watching Ethan interact with his brand-new buddy and playmate.

He and cousin Jason Cody have something else in common now and both are fine "big brothers."  As I stated above, having four grandsons makes us rich indeed, and this Nana is feeling very blessed tonight!

Four grandsons in a row: 

Ethan (4)
Jason Cody (4)
John-Phillip (3 mos.)
 and Caleb (1 day)

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