Thursday, March 19, 2009

Hide me again!

When our youngest was two or three, he loved playing hide and seek with his older brother and sister. My hubby would take our son and help him hide in the oddest places ... inside a small cabinet, buttoned up in a hanging overcoat or deep inside a dark closet.

Sometimes he'd say in a tiny voice, "but I can't see anything!"

That's when his daddy would quietly remind him (from his spot on the outside) that he was in a very good hiding place ... and that being quiet was very important. Amazingly, he took comfort in that and was able to remain motionless and quiet until the others found him. He knew his Daddy was close by and wouldn't leave him the dark indefinitely.

When discovered, he'd call out, "Hide me again, Dad!"

Aren't you glad we have a special hiding place when life gets tough? Our Heavenly Father tucks us away in the shadow of His wing. We're supposed to relax and be quiet during those times, but we're tempted to whisper, "but I can't see anything!"

That's when our Father reminds us He's still in control. Under His wing we are hidden in a safe place. If we relax and be quiet, we can hear His voice reassuring us. Our Father never abandons His children and doesn't leave them in the dark.

This life is uncertain, but one thing is for sure: Each of us will face new trials on occasion. That's when we need to go to the Lord and say, "Hide me again, Father!"

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