Monday, March 16, 2009

I salute you, son!

I was just reading back over some old journals and came across this entry from 1995:

Jason and I are going to make a bank deposit, drop off library books and buy groceries. He's pretty handy to have along with all those heavy sacks -- and he's good to keep up with our spending by using a calculator. Jason is a pretty quiet guy that doesn't talk much when his siblings are around. I enjoy these rare moments together as mother and son.

Right now he's growing like a weed -- and he isn't even 13 yet. He tells me one of his ambitions in life is to be TALL. I believe we'll see it happen, because he's passing me up already. I did remind him, though, that it takes more than height to make a man.

P.S. Our son's ambition to be tall was realized ... he's a broad-shouldered, handsome guy who stands six-feet tall in his socks. Not long after America was attacked on September 11, 2001, Jason signed up to serve with the U.S. Marine Corps and has served both stateside and in Iraq.

We are grateful our son made it back home safely. Not all of our troops have returned home to their families yet, so we count our blessings in having him back safe and sound. Jason and his wife are expecting their first child in September. As a mom, I'm so very thankful for my six-foot son. I look up to him -- and salute him -- in more ways than one.

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