Friday, June 5, 2009


Remember answering "roll call" as a student? When the teacher called our names, we were to answer "Here!"
Of course there was the occasional class clown that would sit silently, forcing the teacher to look up and check his/her seat. Then they would say, "Oh, yeah ... here."

Well, I just wanted to say I'm still here in blog-land. Last week and this week I've had several appointments and have been trying to finish up some articles I'm working on.
It's also been raining a lot lately, and the heavy cloud cover slows (or disconnects) my internet access ... so I've been AWOL against my wishes. So ... this post is my way of checking in to say, "I'm still here!"
Oh yes, a P.S. ~ Ethan weighed 12 lbs. 1 oz. and measured 24 inches long at his 2 month checkup. Melissa reports that he's sleeping through the night more, too. I'm hoping to spend a few days with them next week while Mom visits her folks in Missouri.


  1. I am enamoured by this post, Nan. Love the new pictures, the welcome one and student bear. Good to hear that Ethan is getting on so well. Are you known as grandma or was another name chosen for you? I'll excuse your absence so long as I know you'll be back. We also have rain!
    By the way, have your Delightful Dots disappeared, mine did and I had get new curtains from elsewhere.

  2. are so thoughtful! Thank you for letting us know...we have been missing you! What a wonderful image you conjure with your words...I'm truly smiling at memories of attendance--both from a student's and a teacher's perspective! Exciting about Ethan's growth!!! Such happy news!! And it sounds like your writing has kept you very busy, but happy in recent days!!! Fantastic! We'll look forward to hearing all about it when you have time! ~Janine XO


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