Saturday, June 6, 2009

Somebody Else's Mother ...

Our son Kevin, who's gone camping and hiking somewhere up in Tennessee with his buddies this weekend, called yesterday.

"Hey, Mom ... just wanted to let you know before we lose our cell phone signal, that we had a safe trip up here."

Then he chuckled, "Oh yeah ... I tried calling earlier but forgot to include the area code. And I accidentally got somebody else's mother."

When she answered, he told her, "Hey, Mom! We had a safe trip and we're heading further into the mountains now ..."

There was silence on the other end. When he said, "Mom?" she responded with, "Who did you say this is?"

We both had a good laugh over that
, and I noticed something while talking to my son, dear friends. My heart felt so warm and full with love and pride and joy and peace. The little boy I used to rock and feed and and cuddle is a grown man now. But he called home so his Mom wouldn't worry.

Now, how special is that?!? With all his buddies there beside him and the promise of adventure just ahead of him, my son took time to call me. I'm sure glad he's not somebody else's son. If he was, I'd have missed the blessing of being his mother.


  1. Sons and their Moms...something very special about that!!!!!!! A beautiful thing!!!!! Thanks for sharing this lovely story! And thanks too for your kind and compassionate words...I have hoped that by sharing my heart I might be able to help others find their way...grief...we were never MEANT to have to go there...that's the terrible fall-out from the garden... But someday, we won't have to go there anymore...I am grateful...for this and the other promises ...including the lovely one you left for me!! Thank you! God bless you! ~Janine XO

  2. Neat story. That is one you'll chuckle over for a long time. We like it when our kids call home with reports that they are ok.

    Thanks for visiting Family Fountain and sending me an email. We need more blogs on family and family life from a Christian perspective. I wish you great luck with yours. Please check in and visit agains.

    Note: I have a sister that lives in the Decatur area, and my wife has an aunt in Dothan. I also sat for a while behind the Alabam dugot in the softball world series game that they won 14-0. Talk about electrifying ...


  3. There is so much love in your family, Nan. No wonder you are so proud of your boy.

  4. I'm so proud of Kevin...and I don't even know him!! What a great son. Tell him a complete stranger commends him for calling his Mom (who is also apparently a wonderful Mother.)


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