Saturday, September 5, 2009

The little fisherman

This is Ethan on his first fishing trip with Papa Jack. I just love the cute expression on his face! We are learning that Ethan likes being outdoors as much as his Daddy and Mommy do. Both his grandpas are also outdoorsmen, so he comes by it naturally.

My, how babies change in two months' time. Since we last saw him, Ethan has gained weight, better balance, discovered his feet and toes, flips back and forth between back and stomach and sits up in a high chair and walker. He also loves for someone to read to him.

We've also learned he's quite the comic. The expressions he makes at times seem to say, "Gotcha!" or "Yeah, right..." or "Can you do this?" or "Really!"

This week has been special in many ways, one of which is that we've seen all three of our children in the last five days. Considering they are scattered from Virginia to Florida, that's quite a feat.

Last weekend, we saw our son and his wife in Virginia and I attended her baby shower (see blog below this one). Then, two days after we got home, our daughter, son-in-law and grandson arrived! On Thursday evening, we went out to eat and met up with our other son, so we've had our parenting cup filled with lots of love, laughter and new memories to cherish.

At 4:30 this morning, I heard a tap on our bedroom door. Melissa and Ethan poked their heads in and asked if I'd like to cuddle with my grandson while they loaded the car for their trip back south. Hubby was at work on an early shift, but he had some special time with our sweet grandson last night.

What a joy it's been to host them the past three days! They are very laid back and easy to please, so having them here in our home is relaxing. Saying goodbye this morning was tough, knowing we'll probably not see them again until the holidays. Many more changes will occur between now and then, and our lil' guy will most likely be crawling, standing and saying his first words by then.

I guess that's the only drawback to the grand-parenting experience -- about the time you get your quota of hugs and cuddles and your heart expands to fill up with more love and happy memories, you have to say goodbye again ...


  1. Oh he's too beautiful, Nan, and you sure had your fill of parenting this past time. Bless you. Jo

  2. Not goodbye, Nan. Never that, always go for Adios or see you soon. I can't believe how Ethan has changed... he's a proper little man now. Looking at him I could visualise him using the expressions you talked about. Yeah, right! You're a lucky woman to have such a wonderful family.

  3. Oh, what a sweetie! and what treasured memories...


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