Tuesday, September 8, 2009

What to do with junk mail ...

I don't know about you, but I'd much rather get a letter or card or magazine in the mailbox than to find something marked "Occupant." In other words, junk mail.

It might be a flimsy sale paper from some store half way across the state offering a dozen donuts to the first buyer of their brand new fake fur foot stools. Maybe it's a crazy ad about humvees and artillery tanks being given away by the government. Then there are the slick and glitzy offers to upgrade your (non-existent) pool to an Olympic-sized, marblelized outdoor spa! You get the idea ...

So just what does one do with junk mail, anyhow? That seems to be question Ethan is pondering here while sitting on Papaw's lap. Teeth on it? Does it rip easily? Why does it make a crinkly sound when you wad it up? Hmmmm... if it's bright and pretty, does that make it taste better?

Our junk mail normally goes right into the garbage, but we couldn't resist tolerating it long enough to let our five-month old grandson explore it while I snapped a few photos. Normally, he focuses on the camera and grins (quite a ham, already) but he was too fascinated with Papaw's cast-off mail to even look up.

Maybe thinking outside the (mail) box is the solution, folks. Perhaps junk mail has all kinds of uses after all. Slap a label on it with your child's name and have him or her open their own mail. Cut it up into strips and make paper chains on rainy days. Collect various types and weights of junk mail and see if you can form a "Junk-Mail Family Band."

The name does have possibilities, you know. I'm just not sure you'd get a big following or could come up with a good recording -- unless ... perhaps ... well, just think of the possibilities. Junk mail makes all kinds of sounds, depending on what type of paper it is and what you do with it. Wad it, tear it, flip through a short stack of it, fold it, snap it, crush it or rattle it -- all of which make varying tunes and tones on the junk-mail musical scale.

I'm sure there is *some* good use for junk mail ... and our grandson may be the first one to figure it out. Just look at the concentration on that little brow!


  1. I'm so busy looking at that precious baby....and the look on his face......and look at those adorable feet!! I just love babies....they are sweet and innocent and cuddly and huggable....and trusting....and more. He's gorgeous!!! I may come back later and read about the junk mail (just kidding, Nan...I read it!!)....but the baby steals the blog!!! Hands down!!
    Regading his fascination with the mail...they are sooo like that...and when they get older, save your money....they want to play with the boxes the toys come in!!!
    Oooh...I had to come back and tell you the verification word: 'wheeme'
    "Wheeee mee!" That's the way I feel when I see such an adorable li'l soul...He's precious, Nan.

  2. I agree with Jackie, baby steals the blog is definitely a good way to describe it. I wish you'd been around forty-odd years ago to tell me what to do with all that paper!

  3. Absolutely precious!!!! Oh, Nan, you must be head over heels in love with Ethan!!!!! And what a terrific idea!!! Young Moms of the world unite to give value to junk mail!!!!! Hurrah!!! Love it! Love you... Janine XO

  4. Awwww, thanks, gals. I have to agree on how precious our little Ethan is and wish they lived closer. (Though I wouldn't get any writing done. I'd want to play with him all the time!)


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