Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My in-house specialist

Meet Kevin, our second son and the third born of three children. He's the IT specialist (information technology) in our family and knows computers like the back of his hand. I'm amazed to watch his fingers fly over the keyboard and sniff out the problems I'm having with my desktop computer.

He knows how to get in the 'back door' of any computer and can figure out how to correct the problem, usually within moments. Kev's ability to read scrambled codes, binary files and everything else related to internet and PC's is beyond me! How does he do it?

I think it's an inborn gift. As a very young toddler he was examining the innards of just about everything he played with. His mind just works that way -- asking questions, figuring out the answering, studying the detailed insides of things that are normally closed up and screwed shut for the rest of us. Kevin was never satisfied with the partial picture but wanted the "whole full of it" as he would say when he was five.

We also noticed, when he was around 9 or 10 years of age, that he read a LOT of manuals and reference books. Encyclopedias were fascinating to him, and he would sit and read for an hour or so if not interrupted. I loved having him say, "Mom! Did you know ...." and then share what he'd learned. When other friends were struggling to play a new computer game, our by-the-book son sat on the sidelines devouring the manual that came with it.

We didn't always see these tendencies as a blessing or gift. No, at times they could be quite frustrating. Like when he was called to the supper table (more than once) and would scurry in with a book in hand. We had a no-reading-at-the table rule, and that was painful for him. So he'd find a bookmark and close it with a big sigh.

The bookmarks he used told quite a story, too. I once found a sock tucked between pages. Thankfully, it was a clean one! Another time, I found a spoon inside his book. He would also used a fork or knife if necessary (go figure). Oh, and LEGO blocks made handy bookmarks ... or money or whatever else was handy at the moment. I did give him bookmarks, but they were close by when he needed them. :-/

You've heard of the absent-minded professor, I'm sure. At times I thought he'd moved in with us! When everyone else was ready to go out the door, Kevin could sometimes be found in his room with one sock on, no shoes, engrossed in a manual or encyclopedia. If we called him while he was at the computer, it took a bit for the glassy-eyed-look to fade out, then he'd say "Huh?'

At other times, his in-house experiments could get him in big trouble in a hurry. Think water + electricity. On more than one occasion. We were never bored raising this child. ;-/

In looking back, I remember a woman telling me, when Kevin was 6 months old, something almost prophetic. Fifi was a lovely lady from Venezuela with all the charm and accent to match.
She was cuddling him on her lap and suddenly said,

"He will be what you call ... intelligent?" I raised one eyebrow and she pointed to his forehead and vowed, "Yes ... high forehead means plenty of space for brain to develop."

Kevin is a man now at 24, and I have to look up to him in more ways than one. Our other two children are married and live far from home, so it's nice to have Kevin here closer. I love going by his workplace to say hello now and then. If he's busy (and he usually is), I just take a seat and quietly observe my handsome son in action.

He's much more comfortable relating to people now than when he was younger. Back then, he preferred interacting with machinery. I watch him now, conversing with a customer who is picking up the computer that was repaired in the store. The interchange is a pleasant one, and the man commends Kevin for being so helpful.

I am proud of my son. Not just because he can fix my computer when it messes up, but because he is a gift from the Lord and has become a fine young man. He's got a good head on his shoulders and knows how to relate well to others. He's also got a tender heart, meaning he is touched by the less fortunate and is willing to help those who struggle. He also has a firm chin, meaning he stands up for those who are wronged and isn't afraid to speak his mind on issues.

Oh yes, and he still opens doors for me and any other females that happen by ... if they will let him. He also knows how to show respect for his elders. I attribute that to his Daddy, who was taught by HIS Dad how to respect women and senior citizens. I also give my hubby credit for training our sons to stick with a job until it is finished, to be honest, to show up on time and to call if you can't make an appointment.

These traits serve him well as an IT specialist who goes into people's homes. What a joy to hear him tell me about "the coolest couple" he met during an in-home product installation awhile back. I learned they were probably in their late 70's or early 80's and they hit it off right away. The man commended him for being on time, for doing a good job and for having a nice appearance. (Kevin told him that was company policy.)

When he is working, food and drink is not part of the mix for a couple reasons. First, he doesn't want to risk any spills and also, when offered a snack aside, he'll say, "Thanks, but I'd rather stick with this until I get it completed. I appreciate it though." (Again, so much like his Dad.)

As he was leaving the couple's house, the woman handed him a plate of brownies. Kevin was surprised and touched -- and later told her they were some of the best he'd ever had. Bless that woman. She did something that really touched my son's heart, and in doing so, she touched mine.

I hope you'll forgive a sentimental Momma rambling on about her son. I'm thankful for each of our three children and may share about the other two in the near future. Today, I had my in-house specialist in mind and wanted you to meet him!


  1. I married my IT guy. :-) They are a handy bunch. :-)

  2. Hi Nan. I must say your Kevin sounds like a bright achiever, and I absolutely loved his idea of bookmarks, especially the sock. I suppose it's a case of 'what the heck, anything will do so long as I don't lose my place.' Nice guy to have around for his talent and personality... no wonder you're so proud of him.

  3. Hello, Nan...I'm so glad you shared this...my son has many of the same gifts...and yours has a few years on mine...thus, this was a really big encouragement to me today!! Love you so much! Janine XO

  4. Just checking in to see how you are...Love and miss you! ~Janine XO


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