Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The joys of boys!

Time to catch back up ...

I've been absent from blogging for quite some time due to travel and helping our parents with various health issues, but I wanted to catch you up on our boys...

Our Ethan turned one year old in March and has been walking for about a week. He still has those big, beautiful blue eyes and a mouth full of teeth -- eight of them, on last count.

Between the first and second picture, he also had his first haircut. Our precious boy is shown here on his first birthday, sitting in the same rocking chair that *his* daddy sat in on *his* first birthday 29 years ago.

Ethan is an outdoors-kind-of boy and loves to explore nature. He's learned to blow dried dandelion puffs, enjoys studying pine cones, rocks, bugs and flowers. I can imagine him being quite the hunter-fisherman with his Daddy as he grows up.

He also enjoys music! Melissa lets him play on her keyboard at home, and his little fingers look so sweet as he plays. He seems to know how to put just the right amount of pressure on the ivories to make those wonderful sounds! Ethan also likes strumming his Daddy's guitar and waving his arms to direct music.


Our Jason Cody is six and a half months old and a bundle of energy! What a charmer this little guy is. He meets no strangers, loves crowds and fits in well with adults and kids alike.

Honestly -- I've never known such an animated baby! The way he communicates with his eyes, smile, hands and his whole body is just precious. As you can see, he doesn't mind wearing hats -- in fact, he seems to enjoy them!

In the first photo, he's modeling one at The Disney store and is held by his other Nana in Virginia. In the second photo, he's greeting Grandad John Medaris after a big realtor's convention. With so much exposure to people and large gatherings, he doesn't seem upset when his routine is interrupted.

We've only seen this precious boy twice since his birth -- once at 3 weeks and another time at 3 months. We can hardly wait to see him again Memorial Day weekend! If this pattern continues -- seeing him every 3 months, I suppose we can survive being 600 miles apart.

What a pleasure it is to have two little boys in our family again. It's been a long time since our sons were babes in arms. We love cuddling them, talking to them on the phone and sending them packages. We also look forward to the day when Ethan and Jason Cody are old enough to spend some time with their Papaw and Nana on the farm. ;-)

We'll pull out the little wooden train that Phillip made for our Jason when he was 2 years old. That, and a set of train tracks to run them on. Oh, and no batteries needed -- this train is the hand-made kind that needs a little imagination and hands-on guidance to go 'round the track.

Nana will enjoy baking cookies for her boys and will let them help mix cookie dough and cut out special shapes with the same cookie cutters our children used way back when. I even have the same little mugs our children used for milk and cookies.

I'm sure Papaw will take them for rides around the pasture in the same wagon pulled by the same Massey Ferguson tractor we've used for 30+ years. They'll probably climb in the hayloft and swing on ropes like our boys did. Oh yes, there are still lots of fish in our pond that need to be snagged, and these two may be just the fishermen to do it.

What fun it's been to fall in love with Jason Cody and Ethan over and over. What fun we have listening to their baby babble on the phone and anticipating being with them. We look forward to watching them grow up and knowing, once again, the joys of having little boys in the house!

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  1. Hip, Hip, Hooray!!! You're back!!!!!!!!!!! I've missed you!!! And your boys are growing up so very much! And they are soooo handsome!! What a delight that they are coming to see you! So thrilled for you! Love you so much, Janine XO


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