Sunday, June 20, 2010

Memories of Dad

Dear Daddy ... I thought I'd write a note on this Father's Day, because it helps me remember the blessing of having you in my life for 36 years.

If you were still here, I'd want to give you a big hug and thank you again for so *many* things!

Thanks for loving our Mom and being faithful to her ... and coming home to your family every night. When I was about ten, I remember taking off your work boots and fixing you a big glass of iced tea in summer -- or a cup of hot tea in winter. I took that job very seriously and loved doing it.

Thank you for being a good father who loved and enjoyed his children. I remember how you nurtured and protected me as I grew up and how safe and secure that made me feel. And, oh yes -- thanks for kissing my boo-boos (even though you made a big deal of kissing the wrong finger or knee, making me laugh and forget about how badly they hurt).

Thanks most of all for being a godly man who taught me about life, faith, hope, joy and peace. I loved the way you gathered us in the living room before bedtime and prayed for us all. Thanks for making the Bible come alive to us --- the rattle of Goliath's armor, the whistle of David's slingshot, the roar of a lion or the bleat of a frightened lamb.

Today, on Father's Day, I thought about how you freely gave me the love, acceptance and protection that all children are supposed to experience. This, I believe, is what opens their hearts to the love of the Heavenly Father. I know it did mine, and I'm thankful you were the one who held me on your knee and talked with me about trusting Jesus as my Lord and Savior when I was a young girl of seven.

You are never very far from my thoughts. When I see a man with a full head of silvery white hair, it reminds me of you. Or how, when someone says, "It sure is raining down out there!" I think of how you would chuckle and say, "That's good -- I've never heard of it raining UP before!" And one other thing ... the smell of Old Spice aftershave still reminds me of you.

I think of you often and still miss you, Daddy, even though you've been "gone" the past 19 years. But I haven't lost you, because I know where you are -- with our Father in heaven. One day, I look forward to seeing you again. In the meantime, I just wanted to say once more, Thank you for being such a good Daddy!

With all my heart,
Your fifth daughter, Nan
In memory of John Adam Keltie (1922-1991)


  1. A beautiful post about your wonderful daddy, Nan. (I smiled as I think of him kissing the 'wrong' finger to bring a smile to you.) I'm going to remember that...and share it with my grandchildren.
    Thank you for sharing this post.
    What a Godly Daddy you had.

  2. Thank you, Jackie. He was not a big talker but lived his faith by actions. In public, he was rather quiet and reserved, but at home he was so much fun!

  3. Oh, Nan...this is just beautiful...Father's Day can be such a hard time, can't it? But remembering all the wonderful things they gave us somehow makes them seem not so far away...and it is such a comfort to know that we WILL see them again! My heart is with you...thank you for this beautiful encouraged me today!! Love, Janine XO


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