Monday, June 14, 2010

Unexpected events ...

Sometimes, being a Mom is one of the toughest jobs in the world. You think you've finally got it figured out, and then something unexpected pops up and nearly tears your heart in two.

We had been planning, for weeks, to have both married children and their spouses and little sons here for Memorial Day weekend. I had meal plans and schedules scribbled on my note pad, had shopped for groceries, laid out recipe cards and worked to get the house in order.

That was also the week we painted the front porch, a screened-in extra room for nice weather. The stain is a neutral color and brightens the concrete floor a LOT, making it look more like a room than a garage. :-)

I even got inspired to wield my paintbrush in other areas and chose an apple green for an old wooden chest that sits on the porch. One thing led to another, and soon I had a most-unusual-for-me color theme going. Apple green and mango, which came from a fabric print I found at Hobby Lobby. Everything I found for renovations was on sale - even the paint had a nice rebate!

But back to the kids' visit. Our son and his wife were to fly in from D.C. on Saturday morning and our daughter was hoping to come in early Monday or perhaps meet us somewhere and come on Sunday afternoon. Her hubby would be unable to make the trip.

On Thursday, our daughter called. She had been battling a sinus infection and was to see the doctor again that day. I fully expected her to be on the mend, so

I quipped,
"And how are you by now?" thinking of the wonderful reunion just two days away.

"I've got pneumonia," she croaked.

Pneumonia!?! Our girl was so sick she had been in bed with fever all that week and after two rounds of antibiotics and a powerful shot, she was told, by her doctor, that she had to rest in order for her lungs to heal.

Long story short, she and her brother, whom she hadn't seen for 18 months, would not get to meet one another's children that weekend. I managed to be brave while on the phone with her, gave her some motherly advice about drinking fluids, resting, sleeping when their 14 month old slept, etc. When we said goodbye and hung up, my emotions burst like a dam. I think I cried enough tears to nearly run the river over.

We had so looked forward to our family being together for that one weekend! I grieved, for the next several hours, that our son and daughter (who are so very close in heart) wouldn't be seeing one another and that two little boys (cousins) would still be unable to meet one another for the first time. Talk about a letdown.

Thankfully, our son in law was off work that weekend and cared tenderly for our daughter and their son. It wasn't that I worried about a lack of assistance for her -- it was that I wanted, as Mom, to be doing what he was doing ... nursing our girl back to health.

Back to Jason and his family. Knowing Melissa was well-cared for gave me a chance to relax and enjoy time with our son, daughter-in-law and Jason Cody -- who has GROWN so much since New Years' Eve when we last saw him. He is such a delightful little guy who adapts well to new situations and new people.

It was his great-grandfather's first time to meet him, so that was extra special. It was also my Mom's first time to see him, too. He got lots of hugs and kisses! What a wonderful job our daughter-in-law and son are doing in teaching him. It's obvious they love him dearly and enjoy being parents.

Our time together was very special, and I was able to relax and enjoy it to the max. It wasn't easy saying goodbye to them when they drove away, headed to the airport. My hubby was standing there beside me, waving, and what he said fit the emotions of the moment. "This is the hard part." And it was.

We hope to see them again before the end of the year, but we know our grandson will do a lot of changing in that time. In fact, soon after they got back home, they called to say he'd sprouted his first tooth. ;-) It looks like he'll soon be walking, too -- and then life will really change for them all.

We don't expect this child to miss out on much of anything due to his bright curiosity! Kerry recently wrote beside a photo of him getting into things on a shelf, "Today I learned that everything within reach is no longer safe!"

I'm glad to finish this off by saying Melissa is much improved. She and her brother talked on the phone while she was here, and he's kept a check on her throughout her illness.

Bless those in their church family who stepped in to help and provide all their meals the last two weeks. We are also thankful for a 13 year old girl named Lauren who has been to their home to help out with Ethan. She's taken over while Melissa rested, allowing Ethan to do little-boy things, like toddling, half-running, going non-stop while awake to discover everything about just about everything in this big, fascinating world.

Though my heart was torn over the events that didn't turn out the way we had planned, we know there was a far greater plan working behind the scenes. We don't know what it is nor the reasons, but we trust in the One Who does know. And, to be honest, the awful rend in my heart that has now mended has made me stronger.

So ... I supposed I've passed a big hurdle as a Mom and Nana who felt she needed to be in two places at one time. I've learned through this experience (though I knew it in my head) that God was in both places, and He's far more able to care for our children than I am. He is faithful, and I can trust Him ... even with the unexpected events.


  1. I'm glad that Melissa is feeling better....thankful for a sweet church family...and for precious Lauren.
    I'm sooo happy to see these photo, Nan...precious...they are just precious.
    I am thankful for God caring for us....and thankful that even though the unexpected happened, He continues to be in control.
    Take care of you, my friend.
    Much love,

  2. Thanks, Jackie, for your sweet encouragement.

  3. Oh, I'm so very, very sorry, Nan! But I am so glad that Melissa is feeling better. And Jason Cody just gets cuter by the minute!!! Oh, you must adore him!! You are such an encouragement, Nan...always so upbeat even in your disappointment! Such faith! Thank you! Love you much, Janine XO

  4. My dear Janine, I'm afraid I'm NOT "always so upbeat..." and wish I could settle my heart to not doubt when things like this happen!

    My mother has been a real trooper in cases like this. We children are scattered far and wide, and she has never even met some of her great-grands, five of which live in Brazil. (Next summer their parents are planning to visit the states if at all possible and introduce their children to all of us.)

    I'm so thankful for email and the ability to transfer photos to one another. That helps Mom a lot, and yet I can't imagine what she must feel sometimes.

    At one point, one of my sisters and her family was in S. Korea on missions, and she got very, very ill. There was absolutely nothing we could do and at the time, no way Mom or anyone else could have gone.

    God's grace carries us through those times. I'm so glad He understands our hearts!


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