Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Jason Cody

Jason Cody enjoys his little vehicles
"Hi, Nana!" Jason Cody yells into the phone ...

It's always good to hear that sweet little voice, and it's okay that he's talking loud enough for Nana to haer him 750 miles away.  He's probably partly excited because he got to punch numbers in on Daddy's phone to make the call!

During our calls, we often talk about things with wheels, because Jason Cody is fascinated with things-that-go. If it has tires or wheels, it's got a place in his heart, and he is well supplied with things that roll ...

Like Thomas the Train and all his friends, a cute yellow school bus, a red firetruck, some snazzy race cars, a favorite white truck that even goes to the park with him sometimes, and a noisy dump truck that grinds its gears and races around the room attacking toes as it goes. 

Ah, the joys of being a grandmother are numerous!  I love it when we visit and where Phillip and I are known as "Papaw and Nana." I love the warm cuddles with storybooks, the smell of baby shampoo, the soft sweep of long eyelashes against a rosy cheek and the feel of a little hand in mine. I also love watching Papaw play trains and hide-and-seek games while I take pictures.  He wears the grandpa mantle well and loves his grandson dearly.

Around 7:30 each evening, there are precious bear hugs, snuggles and kisses before bath and bedtime. We've also learned that we are prayed for daily by this little man - from nose to toes!  That's pretty comforting, knowing our body parts are bathed in sincere petitions to the Heavenly Father.  At our age, we especially need that.  ;-)

Next morning about 6:30, I hear a little voice in the nursery next to the guest room where we sleep.  Jason Cody is chatting to Scout, his stuffed sleep buddy.  After a bit, I hear him call out to Mommy and Daddy.  That's my cue.  I slip in and whisper, "Can Nana change your diaper and then take you downstairs to play?" He grins and says quietly, "Yeah."  I like having those sweet little arms wrap around my neck as I pick him up.

There are only two things I don't like about being a Nana -- the number of highway miles between us and the fact we average seeing him only three times a year.

Playing at the park near their home
Jason Cody does a lot of growing between our visits, and his vocabulary seems to increase ten- fold. Now he's counting to 15 by himself and knows some simple math, plus he is learning the pledge of allegiance.  Hey, even a two-year-old could teach Congress a few things, right?

 Being a Nana also takes me back to the days when our own children were this size. I'll admit there were days I used to think would go on forever and I might be swallowed whole while trying to keep up with three little ones.

Laundry could pile up like a mini Mt. Everest. Sticky hand prints were on a wipe-one-off-get-two-more-free basis.  Back then it was too easy to focus on what I had left to do -- and see my children as interruptions.  When that happens, you miss a lot of sweet spots along the way.

I've grown up a lot since then, and as a Nana, I am free to slow down, relax and enjoy every minute of time I have with my son's son.  I am more patient now than I was when his Daddy was two.  Boo-boos and spills aren't a big deal anymore.  Just a quick swipe with a clean rag, and you're done. Maybe I've just learned to roll with the punches.

Hiding inside a big, colorful box!
 Thanks for your sweet and funny calls, Jason Cody. They make Nana smile inside and out! Thank you, too, for praying for Papaw and me.  We pray for you, too, and we're very proud of you for sitting quietly in big church with your Mommy and Daddy.  They are teaching you to honor the Lord just like their parents taught them at your age.  And that's a very good thing.

Papaw and I can't wait to see you again -- real soon!  Until then, remember we love you all the way from Alabama to Virginia -- and that's a lot!

(P.S. Your cousin Ethan called.  I'll write about him next in my next blog, okay?)  

Your Papaw and Nana love you! 


  1. Jason Cody is beautiful. I love the expression on his sweet little face...and notice that the car is giving the truck a push! :))
    I'm 'Nana' too...and I love LOVE love it. There's nothing like our Grands. They are precious...God's gift.
    It was so good to see your blog on my Google Reader this evening. I've missed you.
    Hugs and love,

    1. Thanks for looking me up, Jackie! It's good to see you again, too. Not sure when you read my blog, but I did a bit of editing and posted another photo of Jason Cody within the last few minutes.

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